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How monkeypox epidemic is likely to play out – in four graphs

Writer : Adam Kleczkowski, Professor of Arithmetic and Statistics, College of Strathclyde

The primary case of monkeypox in a human was reported in 1970 within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, there have been many monkeypox outbreaks, however they’ve been self-limiting, with chains of human transmission ending with out establishing epidemics. The present outbreak, nevertheless, is totally different. There’s extra human-to-human transmission, and it’s over a much wider geographical space.

In mere weeks, monkeypox has unfold to 37 non-endemic international locations, with over 2,600 instances. So, what’s more likely to occur to monkeypox within the following weeks and months?

There are big gaps in what we find out about monkeypox, however combining what we do know with a historical past of different infectious illnesses makes it attainable to analyse seemingly future eventualities.

The 4 eventualities beneath are based mostly on the next data: the typical variety of folks an contaminated individual is more likely to infect (assuming they haven’t been vaccinated in opposition to the virus or have had the illness earlier than) is 2.13. That is known as the essential copy quantity, or R. Herd immunity – the purpose at which sufficient folks have immunity such that illness transmission can’t be sustained – is 53% (akin to this worth of R). And the incubation interval, the time from catching the virus to the looks of signs, is between 5 and 21 days.

State of affairs 1: Self-limiting outbreak

The 2022 epidemic seems to have began as a super-spreader occasion involving a community of predominantly males who’ve intercourse with males.

However till the present outbreak it was assumed that the comparatively low human-to-human transmissibility of the virus makes it unlikely for the virus to unfold outdoors the preliminary group.

Plot illustrating the day by day variety of instances beneath situation 1. The dimensions and period of the outbreak right here and within the graphs beneath are for illustration functions solely and don’t represent an in depth prediction of what would possibly occur sooner or later. Extra particulars accessible at https://statisticallyinsignificant.weblog/monkeypox-scenario-modelling/
Adam Kleczkowski

On this situation, the outbreak ends rapidly as soon as the inhabitants in danger turns into immune and herd immunity is reached regionally. Previously, many individuals had some immunity (known as “cross-immunity”) from the smallpox mass vaccination programmes of the late 20th century. So the efficient copy quantity, R, could be near and even decrease than one, and the transmission will quickly cease.

Behavioural modifications can scale back the quantity R much more. For instance, the ring vaccination can kind a “firebreak”, additional decreasing the prone inhabitants. Comparable earlier epidemics embody the Sars outbreak in 2002-04, when a fast intervention stopped the illness from spreading.

State of affairs 2: All inhabitants

The persevering with unfold of monkeypox in Could and June 2022 means that the virus is shifting past the unique community.

The dimensions of the outbreak is already properly past essentially the most distinguished 2017-19 outbreak within the Democratic Republic of Congo (760). It’s attainable that giant gatherings, together with raves and festivals, have created new transmission clusters.

A plot illustrating the day by day variety of instances beneath State of affairs 2.
Adam Kleczkowski

State of affairs 2 assumes that everyone beneath the age of 50 is prone to the an infection, reflecting the tip of obligatory smallpox vaccination within the 1970-80s. The virus will proceed spreading, successfully trying to find pockets of high-risk and non-immune communities.

Except a mixture of contact tracing and ring vaccination stops the unfold, the monkeypox will proceed spreading. However, given the low transmissibility of monkeypox, the epidemic might fizzle out earlier than reaching the herd immunity threshold of 50% of the inhabitants.

State of affairs 3: Turning into endemic

Full eradication is inconceivable as a result of monkeypox exists in a variety of animal hosts. The low transmissibility additionally means it may well survive at low ranges within the inhabitants. As well as, the lengthy incubation interval and variable signs enable it to keep away from detection. Due to this fact, monkeypox might have already been spreading for a very long time.

A plot illustrating the day by day variety of instances beneath State of affairs 3. Particulars accessible at https://statisticallyinsignificant.weblog/monkeypox-scenario-modelling/
Adam Kleczkowski

In situation 3, following the massive outbreak, the illness will decide on a long-term, comparatively fixed stage. Just like the pre-vaccination smallpox or chickenpox.

The inflow of prone folks by way of beginning or migration will maintain the virus within the inhabitants. Mass vaccination programmes may be wanted to eradicate the illness. However comparatively low monkeypox transmissibility means such programmes are more likely to be extremely efficient.

State of affairs 4: Recurrent giant epidemics

The present epidemic may be the primary occasion of a collection of outbreaks. In the long run (situation 4), we must always anticipate a return of monkeypox attributable to future “zoonotic occasions” the place the illness jumps from animal hosts to people. Because the cross-immunity from smallpox vaccines wanes, the epidemics can turn into much more substantial.

A plot illustrating the day by day variety of instances beneath State of affairs 4. Particulars accessible at https://statisticallyinsignificant.weblog/monkeypox-scenario-modelling/
Adam Kleczkowski

Little is understood in regards to the potential of monkeypox to mutate. Nonetheless, there’s potential for it to evolve right into a extra quickly spreading variant.

Efficient vaccines for monkeypox exist and are about 85% efficient. Though there are at the moment not sufficient doses to vaccinate everybody, there is no such thing as a want for a mass-vaccination programme given monkeypox’s low transmissibility. As an alternative, vaccines must be supplied to these most in danger, together with communities in Africa most in touch with the wild animals that carry the virus.


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