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Eyelash Extension Retention Tips that Every Lash Artist Should Follow

To get fuller, expressive eyes, there are a few better options like eyelash extension. It is a big thing equally for the lash artist and the client. The artists need to focus on applying the eyelashes to get a good result. The retention of the extended eyelash measures the success of their work.

Requirements of a Customer

The primary need of a customer is to get an eyelash extension that will remain for a long time. However, for long retention, both the client and the artist must follow some norms. Apart from regular maintenance, the artist has to put stress on different other aspects, especially while applying the lashes.

How to Retain the Extended Eyelashes Like a Pro?

Eyelash extensions in Birmingham are very delicate work, which an experienced eyelash extension artist should do. They know better ways of retaining the duration of the extended eyelashes. The top lash retention tips are discussed here in detail.

  • Usage of Adhesives: Adhesives are one of the most important elements for eyelash extension. So, the lash artist cannot afford to use expired or low-grade adhesives for their client. As the makeover primarily involves the eyes, an artist should use only quality, fresh adhesives.

There are various ways to determine the freshness of the adhesives. The adhesive gets in touch with moisture whenever the bottle is opened, which changes its property. The bond and the strength of the adhesive gets affected greatly. An artist should change their adhesive once every three to five weeks.

Eyelash Extension Retention Tips that Every Lash Artist Should Follow

  • Perfect Humidity: The adhesive used in eyelash extensions in Bradford should be stored correctly. This ensures better application and retention of the applied lashes. During the procedure, a lash expert should ensure that the temperature and humidity of the room are optimum. They should ensure to maintain an ideal working range for a smooth lash application.

The perfect temperature for eyelash application is 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. The humidity in the room should not be high. 60-70% humidity is fine. To get accurate information regarding the temperature and humidity, a lash artist should use a digital hygrometer. To achieve a faster bond, it is important to maintain a consistent humidity level inside the room.

  • Store the Adhesives Properly: Correct storage of the lash extension adhesives is an important requirement. This will help the adhesives to provide a better bond during the application of the eyelashes.

It is useful to store the adhesives in an air-tight container with a tight lid. This will prevent the entry of moisture inside the container. As a result, the quality of the adhesive would not degrade rapidly.

  • Dip the Lashes Carefully: Improper dipping of the extended lashes to the adhesives is one of the major challenges of lash retention. The professionals in eyelash extensions in Birmingham vouch for isolating the natural lashes on the eye before applying the extensions. After isolation, the extensions should be dipped in the adhesives properly. The process of natural lash isolation can be achieved by using isolation tweezers.

The lashes should not be dragged or dabbed after dipping in the adhesives. The artists should carefully dip only 1-3 millimetres from the base of the extended lashes. Dragging or dabbing the lashes can cause disturbance and create an uneven distribution of the adhesive. This issue will ultimately weaken the bond and affect the eye of the client.

  • Shock Curing: Shock curing is an important process, especially when the customer does not have much time on their hand. It is a kind of mist that is applied to the eyes as soon as the last lash is placed. This helps speed up the lash’s curing process and provides a stronger bond.

Generally, the lash artists are advised to wait at least two minutes after putting the last lash before continuing with shock curing. Overdoing the process will ruin the bond of the extended eyelash. The main reason for shock curing is to harden the adhesive bond artificially so that the applied adhesive doesn’t get in direct contact with the moisture.

  • Better Preparation: Preparation is a key factor for an eyelash extension procedure. The lash experts should use preparation items that do not react with the eyes of the user. It is better to avoid saline preparation items as that can affect the bond of the eyelash.

The lash artists should also remain prepared for clients with sensitive eyes. Their eyes may water up during eyelash extensions in Sheffield. Some may also be sensitive to the light used during the application procedure. Issues like these should be addressed by the lash artist with their specialised products.

These are the basics of retaining eyelash extensions. It is advisable to communicate with a qualified source like Eyelash Extensions Near Me. They have the necessary skills and expertise to provide a quality experience in eyelash extensions in Bradford. The lash artists are highly skilled and know all the steps for a perfect lash extension procedure.

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